Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes the steps you take to protect the privacy of your information. We may change the content or information about the services contained on our site without prior notice, as a result of which our privacy policy may change accordingly in the future. Your continued access to or use of the Site will be deemed your acceptance of these changes.

Privacy Principles

To ensure the confidentiality of all data that you provide to us, adheres to the following privacy principles: uses user information to improve the quality of its services, cannot provide information about the user to third parties, may from time to time time to send an email to users with a request to update user information using other means of communication, uses security systems designed to protect user information from loss, damage or unauthorized use by a third party.

Public sections of the site

When using the publicly accessible parts of the site, you are not required to provide any personal information about yourself, we do not control or collect any personal information when using the site. We can track how many people are using our site, but your identity will not be revealed as a result of such actions. We can also record the location of your computer / mobile device on the Internet to solve system problems and to record general information.

Personal Information

We strictly adhere to our security procedures to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing your personal information. To do this, we use advanced technologies such as data encryption, the use of barriers, and server identification. We are not limited to the methods listed above.